Mission Statement

The Cecilia Primary Community 
ensures that all students 
will learn by supporting their
individual needs.

School Vision


Our goal at Cecilia Primary is to develop 
Our students into life-long learners; 
equipped to not just pass a test, but also to
think, to reason, to question, to create, 
to communicate , and to collaborate.
We believe that if we install, encourage 
and develop theses skills in our students 
thank we have adequately prepared them for the 
challenges of the world.

School Report Card

School Calendar


Dress Code Reminders

Please remember to review the school and parish guidelines for proper dress code.

 Belts must be worn with the exception of Kindergarten and Pre-K students. 

Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 

Mohawks and/or designs will not be allowed in hair. 


Spirit Day:

 Students may participate in Spirit Day EVERY Friday. 

Students must wear uniform bottoms and a 

Cecilia Primary spirit shirt purchased from school. 

No other Cecilia shirts will be permitted only Cecilia Primary shirts. 

Car Rider Area

Dogs are not allowed in the car rider area. 

Please keep the line flowing as much as possible. 

School Menus



Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

"Our school releases certain 'directory information' about your child for the purpose of public recognition. Examples include: Annual Yearbook, Honor roll or other recognition lists, and news media recognition pieces. Click on the following link (FERPA Notification)to view the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice for Directory Information."